About the Organization

(As of 25 Dec. 2014)
We thank you very much for your cooperation and support for donation to save Kyoko. Today we would like to announce that the donation drive has reached its goal of 2.3 hundred million yen as of December 25th, 2014 and as a perfect way to celebrate Christmas. The organization office was overwhelmed with joy to see the amount on the bank book today. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this donation. As of today we would like to terminate the donation activities and the credit card payment link on the web site will be removed soon.

As for our future plans we will be making the deposit payment to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center as well as payments for medical equipment shipment and insurance charges. After these payments are done applications for the medical visas will be made at the American Embassy in Tokyo. Further we will arrange for a press conference on the week of January 5th and the Miwa family and the medical staffs will travel to New York on the week of January 12th. We will report and update the account balance on the website to keep the accounting transparent.

As the news was delivered to Kyoko she responded with a firm nod and thanks to everyone who has participated in the donation drive. For Kyoko she has now made it to the starting line and she will now have to travel, go through the transplant surgery, and endure the rehabilitation which will follow. We ask for your continuous support and prayers for a successful surgery. Again, thank you very much for your contribution to the donation which has made this Christmas the best ever.


(As of 16 Dec. 2014)
We thank you always for your undetstanding and your support for our donation drive “Saving Kyoko”. This time we would like to make announcement to raise our donation target from 1.7 hundred million yen to 2.3 hundred million yen. The background explanations are as follows.

Depreciation of Yen
Since our donation drive started in October, 2014 the yen exchange rate depreciation has progressed enormously. The deposit payments to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center) will be in US dollars, however, the yen has depreciated by more than 10% since the original 108 yen against one US dollar. The yen depreciation is forecasted to progress even further. If we forecast 120 yen to 125 yen against one US dollar by the time of deposit payment this will result in approximately 20 millon yen increase from our original target.

Increase in deposit amount
We have originally estimated one million US dollars as the deposit amount to CPMC from past similar cases. However, the CPMC is now asking 1.5 million US dollars as a deposit. Furthermore, we need to pay for New York State Health Care Reform Act Surcharge which is 9.63% of the medical cost and was not included in our original estimation.
The deposit does not serve purpose for acquiring priority in doner waiting list whatsoever. Also, the entire donation amount does not include cost of clothing and food for Kyoko’s family while they stay in the US for the operation as well as the rehabilitation to follow for 6 months. The staffs at the donation drive as well as the volunteers do not receive any payment for their labor and are working from their goodwill. As for our future schedule we plant to pay the 1.5 million dollar deposit to CPMC as soon as enough funds are collected. At this point application for medical visa starts and the rest of travel plans shall roll out taking bed and medical staff availability at CPMC into consideration as well. Kyoko has already suffered a stroke from blood clot forming which resulted into partial disability in her right hand and right foot. The risk of blood clots as well as infection remains heavily unless a heart transplant is made soon for Kyoko. Obviously, the doctors here are asking for immediate heart transplant to reduce aforementioned risks. As the second step we plan to drive our donation towards travel, medical backup , and housing costs which we currently estimate as 50 million yen. As mentioned above a six months rehabilitation follows at CPMC after a successful heart transplant operation, therefore, housing cost for this period of time is taken into consideration.

With above reasons we are resetting our donation target from 1.7 hundred million yen to 2.3 hundred million yen.
Again, we thank you for your understanding and we ask you for your further support and cooperation for the donation drive.


Kyoko Miwa is an eleven years old Japanese girl currently residing in Matsudo, Chiba. Kyoko is currently battling a disease called Dilated Cardiomyopathy and has already had several heart operations. Her heart is still in a critical condition which requires a heart transplant immediately. Kyoko’s heart is currently connected to a Ventricular Assist Device which assist her heart to flow blood throughout her body.

A heart transplant surgery is possible in Japan, however, due to donor shortage the recipient will need to wait for approximately three to four years for a heart donor. Kyoko’s condition does not allow her to wait due to high risks of infection and blood clot accumulations.

Due to the urgency Kyoko’s parents have decided to travel overseas to have a heart transplant. Although Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in NY, USA has been appointed, the total cost is estimated to be nearly 1.7-2.1 million US dollars which is not affordable for a normal family. Therefore, Kyoko’s parents are asking for donations from the public. Friends of the Miwa’s organized a donation group “Saving Kyoko” which will drive donation activity.

To bring back Kyoko to a normal life hood of a eleven year old girl we ask for your understanding and donation.