(As of 25 Dec. 2014)
We thank you very much for your cooperation and support for donation to save Kyoko. Today we would like to announce that the donation drive has reached its goal of 2.3 hundred million yen as of December 25th, 2014 and as a perfect way to celebrate Christmas. The organization office was overwhelmed with joy to see the amount on the bank book today. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this donation. As of today we would like to terminate the donation activities and the credit card payment link on the web site will be removed soon.

As for our future plans we will be making the deposit payment to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center as well as payments for medical equipment shipment and insurance charges. After these payments are done applications for the medical visas will be made at the American Embassy in Tokyo. Further we will arrange for a press conference on the week of January 5th and the Miwa family and the medical staffs will travel to New York on the week of January 12th. We will report and update the account balance on the website to keep the accounting transparent.

As the news was delivered to Kyoko she responded with a firm nod and thanks to everyone who has participated in the donation drive. For Kyoko she has now made it to the starting line and she will now have to travel, go through the transplant surgery, and endure the rehabilitation which will follow. We ask for your continuous support and prayers for a successful surgery. Again, thank you very much for your contribution to the donation which has made this Christmas the best ever.